Info for Speakers

Speaker FAQ

How do I access the wireless Internet at the Salem Convention Center?
A. No special info is needed for logging onto the internet. No password is needed.

Is there someone assigned to introduce me? I’m assuming I will introduce myself since we no longer have official sponsors.
A. Correct! Unless you have made other arrangements, you will be introducing yourself. Arrive in the room a few minutes early to set up and check your technology so you can start on time. Introduce yourself and perhaps mention your sponsor if appropriate. Have a friend / colleague / or friendly audience member monitor the time. Breathe and have fun!

Is there an evaluation form for my session?
A. No, there is not an evaluation form for sessions, but you are welcome to bring one to do your own assessment. If you have a session sponsor, it is possible that the sponsor will have an evaluation form for you to use.

There is an overall Conference Evaluation Form  (please fill one out, we rely on feedback!).

Is there a “presenter’s packet” to pick up at the registration desk?
A. No, but there will be a name badge and some basic information for presenters that you can pick up if desired.

How will my room be set up?
A. Theater Seating (chairs in rows).

Is there a presenter podium or a table?
A. You will have a table with 4 chairs and a podium/presenter station.

Is there a computer in the room?
A. No. Please bring your own laptop and adapters if you need a computer.

Who do I contact the day of the session if there are technical issues?
A. There will be a volunteer working with your block of rooms. If you have a technology issue, tell the room block volunteer that you need assistance. The volunteer will either physically go to the Registration desk to get help, or the volunteer will call for assistance.

Who is this person looking in the door at my session and what are they doing?
A. Sometime during your session a volunteer will look in your room and do a quick headcount to see how many people are attending.

I have other burning questions, who should I ask?
A. Contact Emily David at
office: 541-726-2235
cell: 541-729-3848