Announcing OLA 2017

The Oregon Libraries Association Conference will be held April 19 – 22, 2017 at the Salem Conference Center in Salem, Oregon.

This year’s theme is “Thriving Together”. From Elsa Loftis, OLA President 2016-17:

The inspiration for this came about as a way to honor the inclusion of our friends and members at the Oregon Association of School Libraries by expanding this year’s conference with an additional Saturday program (which we hope everyone will enjoy!).
It is also our hope that this theme will lead each of you to reflect upon the growth and collaboration we experience in our work and in our lives; how that can strengthen us, and make us more creative. Every day we work across organizations, departments, with colleagues, or with a variety of other partners of all kinds to serve our communities. These relationships are what make our libraries such vital resources. Let’s share our experiences of collaboration and community, and we will, absolutely, thrive together.


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